Reflections by the My Sustainable Summer 2013 Campers

IMG_2119_webAlthough it’s been almost 2 weeks since our campers completed My Sustainable Summer 2013, the impact that was made on them is lasting. On the final day of camp, we posed this question:

MY SUSTAINABLE SUMMER MADE AN IMPACT ON ME BY….                                                                  and here are some of the responses:

“The camp taught me how much water I use daily and how much I need to conserve.”  “My Sustainable Summer taught me how the Earth gives me all of the resources that I need to live my life.”                                                                                                                                                
I didn’t really know how harmful our actions are to the planet, like how we know if something like dredging the St. Johns River is good or not. We have to be aware.”                                                    “The camp taught me how important water is to the Earth and to us.”                                                  “I learned that I can grow my own food so that I know if it’s healthy or not.”

Campers, don’t forget to keep posting to your My Sustainable Summer 2013 blog page. We want to see what you are doing to keep the sustainable message going in your families, schools and communities! I miss you guys, so please keep in touch!

Ms. Catherine

Our Last Day

IMG_2119_webFirst of all, we thank all of the people who offered their time to us, like Mr. Tim and Mr. Marty from Eat Your Yard Jax, Miss Haley, Ms. Jennie and Dr. Sonenberg from our St. Johns Riverkeeper trip, Mr. Angelo and Ms. Tiffany from Republic Services, Mr. Charlie from Coastal Recycling Services, Mr. Jim from JumpingFish, Mr. Steve who taught us to how to make hypertufa, Ms. Mary with Breaking Ground Contracting and Mr. David from SunWorks Solar. Mr. Octavio also did a great job driving us to and from our field trips.

Our camp was awesome. Michael even said, “This was the best camp EVER!” We learned a lot from this experience like how much water a person uses per day, One important idea we learned was how we need to balance our choices between the positive and negative impacts on our planet. We made great friends with each other and got along well. This camp wasn’t just about learning more about the environment, it was also about connecting with the Earth and each other. My Sustainable Summer camp is something we will never forget!

Sincerely, Breanna, Michael, Garrison, Marissa and Jalen


Today was more fun. We went to two recycling centers. Republic Services recycles the thingIMG_2104s you put in your blue recycling bin. They recycle aluminum, plastic, glass, paper, and cardboard. Coastal Recycling Services is a whole other recycling company. They recycle construction debris such as concrete and wood. The other stuff like tires and cardboard and other things they can’t recycle get shipped off to other people who do recycle those things. And they also collect the dirt that’s on the debris and send it to the landfill to cover the garbage and make it not smell as bad. On a sad note, we had to say goodbye to our “limo” bus and our awesome driver, Mr. Octavio. Lastly, I have a special video for you that is about how many recyclables Republic receives at their facility. Watch here and enjoy!

A Day At The Plant Farm

Yesterday me and my fellow  campers went to “Eat Your Yard Jax.” We met Mr.Tim and he showed us around. He showed us things like some of the lemon grass he was growing and peach trees, tomatoes, berries and cucumbers. He was growing so many things I can’t rememer them all. He also let us in both of his green houses, one of the green houses had fish where he used the fishes’ feces to make fertilizer for some of his plants. The second green house was filled with succulents (plants that store water for a long period of time). After that we learned what the 5 native berries and they are…IMG_0808

  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Beautyberries
  • Mulberries
  • Elderberries

Did you know that those are the five native Florida berries? The last thing we did was make pizzas IMG_0801and we picked Blueberries and Blackberries. When we got back, Mr.Tim made amazing Blueberry and Blackberry cobbler, while we were eating the cobbler Mr.Tim got out his guitar and his harmonica and started IMG_2025playing. After that we had to go:(, but it was a really fun experience for me.

  • Breanna

Field Trip Update


photo by Garrison Washington, my camper friend



Tons of aluminum cans in bales! Photo by me.

Hey y’all, I am Jalen Evans with today’s field trip news. Wednesday we went on a field trip to Eat Your Yard Jax. A farmer named Tim showed us all the organic foods at his farm like peaches, grapes and berries. We had pizza and berry cobbler and Mr. Tim and Mr. Marty cooked both in a cob oven. Today we went to two different recycling companies. Republic takes aluminum, plastic, cardboard, paper and glass. Coastal recycles construction debris like wood, concrete and metal. The most cool thing I learned was how the fans work to blow off the lighter materials and leave the heavier materials on the belt. Here are some pictures of what we saw.                        

                                                                                    Jalen Evans

Fun times

DSC00026This past Monday we went on the roof and saw the solar panels and rooftop garden at Breaking Ground Contracting.Yesterday we met the St. Johns Riverkeeper at JU and saw lots of fish and did water testing with Ms. Jennie. Mr. Jim, who swims in the St. Johns River to get people to take careDSC00092 of the river and to raise awareness about how we can take care of the river, came to speak with us, too. Today, the fun continued when we went to Mr. Tim’s Eat Your Yard Jax farm. He and his friend, Mr. Marty, made us pizzas in the cob oven and we also got fresh berry cobbler. We saw a ton of fruit and vegetable plants. My favorite was the DSC00145blackberry plant (used in the fresh cobbler)! Later, Mr. Steve came and we made hypertufa pots. Have yIMG_2047ou ever been hypertufa’d? I have put some pictures below for you to see. It has been very fun so far at the My Sustainable Summer camp!